Why Choose BNS
BNS has been continuously developing liquid crystal based optical solutions for over 15 years. Much of this work was developed around this work was developed around this work was developed around liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulators (LCoS SLM).



ngineers has varied, multi-disciplinary backgrounds, facilitating the development of novel liquid crystal devices and associated electronics, hardware, software and opto-mechanical components, resulting in a complete system solution. BNS specializes in the control and manipulation of optical energy.

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Our research has centered on the development of liquid crystal (LC) based devices primarily for military and research applications. Liquid crystals are characterized by their ability to manipulate light and their variable response to an electric field. The electro-optic response of LC materials facilitates the development of programmable optical devices –with no moving parts. LC devices can be used to modulate visible white light, coherent laser light – even infrared radiation. LC components are lightweight, compact, low-power and cost-effective. LC materials can produce phase, amplitude, spectral or polarization modulation of light.

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100% Fill Factor
Dielectric Mirror coatings are applied to provide 100% Fill Factor and up to 95% Zero-Order Diffraction Efficiency.
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High Optical Resolution
Narrow phase wraps = maximum use of spatial resolution.
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High Speed
High Speed addressing combined with High Speed Liquid crystal eliminates phase droop & provides up to 500 Hz switching frequency.
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Unique Modulators
Phase Modulation / Amplitude Modulation / or Combined in one SLM.
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We invite you to see our newest capabilities

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Recent advancements in SLM technology

No Phase Droop
Increased time-stability using proprietary high frame rate addressing techniques. More >

Increased Efficiency
Maximizing optical efficiency by applying dielectric mirror overcoat to approach 100% fill factor… More >

Narrow phase wraps = maximum use of spatial resolution
Elimination of pixel-to-pixel crosstalk enabling optimum use of… More >

“Boulder Nonlinear Systems makes a high resolution, phase-only spatial light modulator well suited to implementing my encoding algorithms that allow arbitrary diffraction patterns. These diffraction patterns can be used to steer multiple laser beams simultaneously for applications that include multi-object tracking and laser tweezers. I have been very happy with Boulder Nonlinear Systems’ unique products and individualized attention to my specific research needs.”

Robert W. Cohn, Ph.D.
Director ElectroOptics Research Institute & Nanotechnology Center
University of Louisville


What makes BNS SLMs different is that you can pick up the phone and speak to the team that actually makes them, discussing your own performance requirements and how they have the ability to customize them to your needs.”

Dr. Miles Padgett
Kelvin Chair of Natural Philosophy / Dean of Research, School of Physics, University of Glasgow