Why Choose BNS
BNS has been continuously developing liquid crystal based optical solutions for over 15 years. Much of this work was developed around liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulators (LCoS SLM). During this time, BNS optimized all aspects of LCoS SLM performance for non-mechanical beam steering applications, such as those listed on our Research & Development page.

Given the complexity of device construction and use, optimization based upon use model is critical. BNS’s long history of product development focused on non-display applications, unlike all other LCoS suppliers. This focus led BNS to implement several unique advantages into our LCoS SLM product line.

These advantages are outlined below, and are in rough order of industry unique-ness and customer importance. Whether it is high diffraction efficiency for low-light super-resolution microscopy, high phase stability for stable optical tweezing, or fast liquid crystal response time for adaptive optics, the combined advantages of a BNS LCoS SLM system will bring best-in-class performance to your application.

BNS SLM Advantages
High diffraction efficiency
Dielectric mirror coating over planarized SiO2
High speed
High pixel voltage—up to 10V
Custom LC mixture with high birefringence allows for thin LC layer
Pure phase modulation with parallel-aligned nematic LCoS
Large number of phase levels
Industry’s only 16-bit driver options, both DVI and PCIe
16-bit Addressing provides nearly 1000 linear phase levels for a 2π phase modulator
Increases phase pattern accuracy by 10X, greatly improving wavefront quality and diffraction efficiency
Low ripple/high phase stability
Custom-designed backplane with 6kHz pixel drive frequency
Industry’s only PCI express drivers
Offers industry-best, very low latency (as low as 600 us image transfer from PC to SLM)
Custom phase modulation depth up to 6π
Low pixel-to-pixel crosstalk
Large, high voltage pixels
Thin LC gap
Industry’s only LCoS linear array—1x12K pixels