Boulder Nonlinear Systems (BNS) proudly announces the development of the latest high-speed, high-resolution spatial light modulator (SLM).


New 1536×1536 high-speed SLM

BNS has designed a new 1536×1536-pixel SLM system for high-speed phase modulation. By working closely with leaders in the neuroscience community, BNS has incorporated a number of features to enable fast photostimulation of larger 3D volumes of tissue, including:

  • high pixel count for addressing large tissue volumes when imaged to the objective lens pupil
  • up to 600 holograms per second with high diffraction efficiency at near infrared wavelengths
  • on-board storage of over 2,000 user-specified phase masks to reduce data transfer rates during real-time experiments
  • high fill factor for improved power throughput
  • large, high-voltage pixels for reduced fringing fields and better diffraction efficiency at large diffraction angles
  • large array size for greater power handling
  • active thermal control of the SLM head for maintaining speed and calibration accuracy over a wide range of laser powers

More information can be found here or by contacting us directly.