Over the past 25 years, Boulder Nonlinear Systems has distinguished itself as a research organization, transitioning liquid crystal (LC) innovations into practical devices and systems.

Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers facilitate the development of novel LC devices and associated electronics, hardware, software and opto-mechanical components, resulting in a complete system solution. BNS specializes in the control and manipulation of optical energy. Our research has centered on the development of LC based devices primarily for military and research applications. LCs are characterized by their ability to manipulate light and their variable response to an electric field. The electro-optic response of LC materials facilitates the development of programmable optical devices – with no moving parts. LC devices can be used to modulate visible white light, coherent laser light – even infrared radiation. LC components are lightweight, compact, low-power and cost-effective. LC materials can produce phase, amplitude, spectral or polarization modulation of light.

With support from the DoD, NASA, NSF and NIH, as well as contracts from industry leaders and prime defense contractors, BNS has developed a range of high-performance liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) spatial light modulator (SLM) and beam steering capabilities. For over two decades, our novel devices and systems have enabled numerous government, industry, and academic partners to reach new frontiers in fields as diverse as aerospace, biomedicine, and telecommunications.